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This course really relies on tutorials as it’s main form of teaching. The lectures are short (upside) but you have to attend every tutorial to understand assignments. The tutorials involve a lot of exercises and you will be put on the spot so it’s not great for my fellow anxiety students. There’s also a group assignment and when one of my group members did not do the work and I reported this to my tutor I was made to do their work that night and submit their part of the assignment the next morning. You will also have to interview someone who has moved to Australia from a non-English speaking country in the past 2 years for an assignment. You have to find your interviewee yourself so please be aware of that and plan for it if this course is a requirement for you. The course content was interesting however I would not recommend this course if you don’t have to take it.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

This subject was pretty painful. The classes were mostly table discussions or one person talking with the teacher about vague concepts, as well as reading and timed handwritten responses that were mandatory, marked, and in-person only for each class. It was generally not flexible and felt like a waste of time.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018