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CCJ12 Griffith

I found this unit very interesting and was impressed with the way the tutors delivered the content....

1 day ago

CBMS123 Macquarie

Some of the content is difficult for a science layman but the assignments are all about creativity....

4 days ago

LAW316 Macquarie

Property is one of the hardest units you'll take of the priestley 11. I had David as convenor and th...

2 weeks ago


The assessments were practical and helped prep for real life work. John is an awesome teacher! Wish...

2 weeks ago

LAWS2013 Uni. of Sydney

An easy but boring subject. Keep motivated and stay on top of your readings, early.

2 weeks ago

LAWS2012 Uni. of Sydney

Scott is fantastic. If you have a good tutor as I did (Louisa) then you're on your way to doing very...

2 weeks ago

LAWS2014 Uni. of Sydney

Really stay on top of the readings if you want to do well in this subject. The final assessment cove...

2 weeks ago

LAWS3475 Uni. of Sydney

There are better jurisprudence lecturers.

3 weeks ago


good basis for referencing and essay writing a little boring though

3 weeks ago


i enjoyed going into court for one of the assessments

3 weeks ago

58231 UTS

Great subject! It's different to all other PR subjects as it looks into the internal aspects. Simila...

3 weeks ago

LAWS5011 Uni. of Sydney

Anne Twomey is a legend

3 weeks ago

LAWS5146 Uni. of Sydney

Shae McCrystal is one of the best teachers at Sydney Uni.

3 weeks ago

LAWS5130 Uni. of Sydney

Great subject, great teacher.

3 weeks ago

LAWS5132 Uni. of Sydney

Parky is a legend

3 weeks ago

LAWS5199 Uni. of Sydney

Don't do it

3 weeks ago

MLL335 Deakin Uni.

Very easy unit content wise however the exam was very harshly marked and did not reflect how well st...

3 weeks ago

MAS389 Macquarie

A good intro to PR, and not a far cry from the usual experience of a media unit. If your background...

4 weeks ago

SPED102 Macquarie

Interesting as someone with a philosophy background, and brought up a lot of interesting ideas in a...

4 weeks ago

200008 WSU

Set out nicely, but I studied my butt off for this exam and still managed to fail.

4 weeks ago

LAWS1006 Uni. of Sydney

A solid introduction to the history, philosophy, and practice of law in Australia. Lecturers and tut...

1 month ago

LAWS1012 Uni. of Sydney

Daunting as a first-year student, but looking back torts really does fit the stereotype: fun, and de...

1 month ago

LAWS1014 Uni. of Sydney

This course is useful and relevant for anyone who is considering working in any legal capacity. Unfo...

1 month ago

LAWS1016 Uni. of Sydney

A pretty good law course, but the 2x2 seminars make you work pretty hard, and there was an awkward f...

1 month ago