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I found this class to be very interesting and quite easy to understand, given I had no prior experie...

1 week ago


So interesting. Greg is so experienced within this field and presents a range of statistics in a way...

1 week ago

LAWS2016 Uni. of Sydney

A good course

1 week ago

LLAW1313 Flinders

This topic was quite laidback and not that stressful, although a significant portion of the grade co...

1 week ago

LLAW1312 Flinders

The tutor was really great for the subject and offered a lot of help to students, while also giving...

1 week ago

LLAW1311 Flinders

Lectures were all pre-recorded and online which made them difficult to engage with, but the workshop...

1 week ago

CRIM1101 Flinders

Found assessment quite easy but didn't think there was a lot of cohesion between the lectures and th...

1 week ago

70317 UTS

horribly structured unit, hard exam and hard tutorials, I just passed with a lot of work done

2 weeks ago

70114 UTS

Coordinator improved the course and included lots of feedback for assessments, one of the most enjoy...

3 weeks ago

LLAW2212 Flinders

Why do all law topics offer 0 useable feedback and just downgrade you heavily on a few things to the...

1 month ago

LLAW1212 Flinders

interesting… but… and a big but for almost all the law topics. Little to no useable feedback. Most t...

1 month ago

LAWS5060 Macquarie

Wow what a unit! The new convenor has really made a difference. Lectures are engaging, tutorials are...

1 month ago

LAWS3040 The Uni. of Newcastle

Fabulous course that not only teaches you the basics of contract law but also reinforces and builds...

1 month ago

102699 WSU

The content of this unit is so insightful and interesting. Ana is a great unit coordinator and the c...

1 month ago

200011 WSU

There is quite a lot of content, but Simon is absolutely fantastic and makes it extremely manageable...

1 month ago

MLL331 Deakin Uni.

Very dry subject

1 month ago

MLL408 Deakin Uni.

Michele was passionate teacher and made learning the unit very enjoyable. All the content is set out...

1 month ago

LAWS5199 Uni. of Sydney

This is one of the most practical subjects that you can take in the law electives list! Unlike most...

1 month ago

LWZ223 Charles Darwin Uni.

One of the worst subjects I have taken and I have taken a loooooot. The course is not well structure...

2 months ago


Cindy was great as lecturer and gave great examples for each topic. Made it easy to follow some toug...

2 months ago

LWZ114 Charles Darwin Uni.

This subject is extremely well organized making it easy to follow. The lecturer and tutor are amazin...

2 months ago

MLL405 Deakin Uni.

So incredibly boring

3 months ago

COMS1001 Flinders

Very basic and personally uninteresting as I am already confident in my academic communication skill...

4 months ago


Very interesting

5 months ago

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