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MLL111 Deakin Uni.

I found this unit to be far harder than the other seven units I've studied so far. It was interestin...

3 hours ago

MLL215 Deakin Uni.

I found the content very interesting and all staff members did their utter best to be helpful. I fou...

3 hours ago

MLL214 Deakin Uni.

I found my lecturer/tutor to be incredibly engaging and understanding of student's needs. He made it...

4 hours ago

MLL110 Deakin Uni.

A very interesting unit and perfect for commencing students. Trish (the lecturer) was very enthusias...

4 hours ago

LAWS1112 Uni. of Qld

the kind of course where your writing ability really matters. not really about the law more about mo...

1 day ago

LAWS1115 Uni. of Qld

quite difficult to score well unless you have a good understanding of australia and the parliamentar...

1 day ago

LAWS1113 Uni. of Qld

very enjoyable to learn under prof devereux, start memorising case names earlier and you'd do swell....

1 day ago

LAWS1114 Uni. of Qld

The course that made me question my mental sanity, huge amount of cases to consider, start preparing...

1 day ago

LAWS1116 Uni. of Qld

has such a wide scope of information that you need to know to do well, it is relevant to real life p...

1 day ago

LAWS1111 Uni. of Qld

the first few weeks cover content that is very broad, the most important skills are identifying rati...

1 day ago

CHN232 Macquarie

Xu laoshi's teaching style is stricter than previous teachers, and it's expected that you do a lot o...

6 days ago

1003CCJ Griffith

Loved it. Simple if you keep up with content.

1 week ago

GOVT2119 Uni. of Sydney

Do not recommend. You try and learn about all 10 (they don't count East Timor) countries in SEA in 1...

1 week ago

2017GIR Griffith

Good subject

1 week ago

MAST30031 Uni. of Melbourne

It's not the hardest subject and the lecturer doesn't have stringent requirements for academic rigou...

2 weeks ago


Difficult concepts.

2 weeks ago


Good subject. Exam covered literally entire semester

2 weeks ago


Core subject. Easy concepts

2 weeks ago

MLL324 Deakin Uni.

If you're looking to work in government or on any tribunals this subject is worth paying attention t...

3 weeks ago

LAW120 Murdoch Uni.

Keep your 'Clear and Precise' textbook for the rest of your degree, as well as your notes - the skil...

3 weeks ago

LAW314 Macquarie

There is a lot of content to get through. I had 3 or 4 lectures covering different areas of constitu...

3 weeks ago

200010 WSU

i thoroughly enjoyed this subject but i do know it had a high failure rate..for me i was in my eleme...

3 weeks ago

SSC200 Macquarie

lecturer was great... tutor was terrible

4 weeks ago

LAW203 Macquarie

I did not enjoy this subject all too much but that may be attributed to my style of learning. This s...

1 month ago