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Best thing about this subject was going to the KLC. I would 100% go to the Advice Night and avoid th...

2 days ago


Just a good subject and a natural extension from Private Law. Readings were manageable and the cases...

2 days ago


Principles of public law really scared me for this subject. BUT! I actually really really liked Admi...

2 days ago


I LOVED this subject. Cases were interesting. Assignments and readings were manageable. Some people...

2 days ago


Great subject. The cases are WORTH READING! Class discussions were always interesting. Genuinely int...

2 days ago


This subject was marked so harshly. They had a real opportunity to make this an interesting subject....

2 days ago


I didn't love this subject but most of my friends did. There is a court observation component which...

2 days ago


The quality of this subject depends on who teaches it. It is basically taught as an intro to contrac...

2 days ago


I feel like the quality of this subject really depends on who teaches you. I enjoyed the course and...

2 days ago

LAWS4107 The Uni. of Western Australia

Struggled with the complexity of this unit.

5 days ago

LAWS4104 The Uni. of Western Australia

Claire is great but exam was hard. Claire explains concepts very well.

5 days ago

LAWS4108 The Uni. of Western Australia

Did not enjoy.

5 days ago

LAWS4106 The Uni. of Western Australia

Great topic. Horrible class.

5 days ago

LAWS4103 The Uni. of Western Australia

Difficult and dry at times. Exam was OK. Had an awful tutor and would have preferred the positive tu...

5 days ago

LAWS3222 The Uni. of Western Australia

Idk why no one's rated this. The 2 stars are because the unit was straightforward and that was the m...

6 days ago

LAWS2207 The Uni. of Western Australia

Sagi taught the lectures very well, very passionate about subject. Wish he was a tutor as David make...

3 weeks ago

LAWS5057 Macquarie

This subject is content heavy but incredibly interesting and very much practice minded. There is lit...

1 month ago

LAWS2230 The Uni. of Western Australia

Amazing unit! As of 2024 the nit will be renamed to Working with People in the Justice System. Hayle...

1 month ago

LAWS5360 The Uni. of Western Australia

our professor is a G

1 month ago

LAWS5132 The Uni. of Western Australia

don’t do this course if you value ur will to live

1 month ago

LAW4170 Monash Uni.

Echoing the previous review, it does draw heavily from equity and property law. You really need to r...

1 month ago

BLB1115 VU

Torts was a very engaging subject in itself, as well as terrific underpinning for the understanding...

1 month ago

LAWS5036 Macquarie

I enjoyed Dr Harris's lectures and the content was interesting. The assessments were relatively stra...

3 months ago

LAW351 Uni. of Tasmania


3 months ago

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