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Soooo disappointed!! I had such high hopes for this unit and it turned out to be the least engaging...

5 months ago


A great unit that focused on both contemporary and historic foreign policy. Awesome tutor and a well...

1 year ago


The content can be a little dry for this unit, but as long as you persevere and write up decent note...

2 years ago


An interesting subject, with a lot of content, so as with many law subjects, it is best to try and s...

2 years ago


Pretty boring unit but essential learning as part of a law degree

3 years ago


Best unit I've taken in my Law and Society major. The professor was excellent, seminar-style teachin...

4 years ago


A very difficult unit (which you could probably expect from the title).

4 years ago


Incredibly difficult unit! Simon is a great lecturer but the content is very difficult so make sure...

4 years ago


Kate Offer is the best. Interesting subject, logical applications (which I prefer to fluffy subjects...

4 years ago

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