First Year JD Core Unit Readers


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LAWS4104 Property law reader

Penny Carrathurs

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Property Law Notes - LAWS4104 - Detailed

Written by Lucy

Detailed Notes for Property Law in WA (General Land Law). Case law summarises within the topics f...

47 pages, 17978 words

Property Law Exam Notes

Written by Jacqueline

Break down of the concepts and principles of Property Law in WA (General Land Law). Relevant case l...

59 pages, 27759 words

LAWS4104 Property Exam Notes

Written by Mitchell

Step-by-step breakdown of property law principles and concepts. Great for easy reference in exams...

34 pages, 11619 words

Property Law Exam Notes (Answer Process)

Written by Daphne

These notes are structured to help in answering problem questions in an exam. There is also a sectio...

17 pages, 6679 words

Property Law

Written by MJ

LAWS4104 Property Law Everything covered in the unit needed for the exam. Includes case notes, s...

31 pages, 12744 words


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