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ABST100 Macquarie

This is my second semester at University. ABST 100 is my favourite subject so far. I couldn't make t...

1 week ago

LING120 Macquarie

The unit wasn't all that bad. It really helped when I read a couple of pages ahead of the tutorial/l...

2 weeks ago

ACSH100 Macquarie

Pretty boring subject didnt really enjoy it. If you enjoy English this is the class for you !

2 weeks ago

EDU2TPH La Trobe

Another subject in which you can keep something for your future and use your own ideas to create som...

2 weeks ago

EDU2SES La Trobe

This subject gives you the opportunity to generate a booklet that can be used as a teacher, which I...

2 weeks ago


It's very content heavy, requires a generous amount of time dedicated for assignments and exam study...

2 weeks ago


Opt for Phill Devitt- Best tutor at ACU

3 weeks ago

EDU4231 Edith Cowan Uni.

Great unit

4 weeks ago

ENGL120 Macquarie

The content for the most part is engaging, enjoyable and informative. The lectures are for the most...

4 weeks ago

EDUC1076 Uni. of South Australia

Fun class with expectation that could be easily met.

1 month ago

EDUC1081 Uni. of South Australia

Well prepared and fun class to participate in. Expectation were stayed at the start of the semesyer.

1 month ago

ABOR3500 The Uni. of Newcastle

really good course that covers some very important topics but some of the tutorials seem to be more...

1 month ago

DSRS4104 Flinders

Have not spoken to one person who thought this topic was beneficial. Assessments were unorganised, p...

1 month ago

HLPE1540 Flinders

Found it interesting, and had great class discussions on the different aspects of a healthy life but...

1 month ago

EDUC1120 Flinders

Loved it! I'm interested in history so I loved hearing about the history of school! Great pre-teache...

1 month ago

EDUC9761 Flinders

Limited information and support. A large number of Masters students were confused with set tasks all...

1 month ago

EDUC373 Macquarie

I had so much hope for this unit. I was really excited but about it and was pretty disappointed. It'...

1 month ago

EDUC262 Macquarie

Fabulous unit. Wonderfully taught. Would recommend to all!

1 month ago

EDUC363 Macquarie

Absolutely loved this unit. Don't get me wrong, the major assessment did require a lot of effort, bu...

1 month ago

ECH130 Macquarie

I thought this unit was coordinated and taught really well. I had to do it as a PDHPE kla unit, and...

1 month ago

102208 WSU

Awful unit for mature aged student who's been away from maths for over 15 years. They assume you kno...

1 month ago

102104 WSU

This unit is very much similar to the other education and early education units. So much so I got a...

1 month ago

SLE103 Deakin Uni.

Pretty easy class if you go to the lectures and read over the notes. There is no need to buy the tex...

1 month ago

EDF1303 Monash Uni.

Fairly good introduction to Education, can be a bit easy/boring at times.

1 month ago