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Easy to follow basic overview on education matters. Good start to education studies.

2 months ago


Really enjoyed this subject. Excellent overview of different sports. Would definitely recommend.

2 months ago


Great topic. Interesting to learn about the lifespan in it's entirety as opposed to just the lifespa...

2 months ago


Pointless topic. Could be done in a week. Stretching out a whole semester was tedious. Tutor treated...

5 months ago


Have not spoken to one person who thought this topic was beneficial. Assessments were unorganised, p...

7 months ago


Limited information and support. A large number of Masters students were confused with set tasks all...

7 months ago


I found this subject somewhat difficult to engage with. The assignments where difficult also. To a...

8 months ago


The Shakespeare collection is wonderful - read the introduction section not just for the test but fo...

11 months ago


Always do the reading and you'll be okay. The exam is kind of difficult, but taken almost straight f...

1 year ago


Very good course.

1 year ago


Interesting content but badly organised/minimal feedback/late return of assignments.

1 year ago


Super fun. I loved it! The work is hard, but that's just uni work, it's always hard.

2 years ago


It was incredibly boring, and not related to my degree at all, even though it's a core topic.

2 years ago


HLPE1531, is a slight step up from HLPE1530 it isn't harder as such but there is a slight change in...

3 years ago


HLPE1530 is a hands on subject where it is most important to become involved and take on board every...

3 years ago


This is a fantastic well structured and organised topic. If you enjoy studying history or are intere...

3 years ago