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Have not spoken to one person who thought this topic was beneficial. Assessments were unorganised, poorly described and you were basically left to write the essays guessing what was expected and hope that you pass. All you wanted was feedback to know if you were on the right track, and you only received it after submission, and by then it could be too late. Very little direction led students to take initiative- too bad if you misunderstood what was wanted. The major assignment was poorly thought out and the skills that it required you were not taught once throughout the entire semester. You quite literally were not taught anything to do with the major assignment and the minor assessments had no direction, you had to guess what type of information was required to present to class. Topic co-ordinator does not give advice, feedback or even clarifies tasks, if anything she makes issues more confusing. Lectures were spent watching random Youtube videos of children playing and listening to Guest Lecturers that not only did not want to be there, but contributed nothing to your learning. You will not gain one thing from studying this topic. A waste of time.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017