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3 days ago
$75 Save 46%
Cover of Employment Law
Employment Law 978-0-409-34469-1

Authors: Natalie Van der Waarden

6 days ago
$35 Save 62%
CORPORATIONS LEGISLATION 2021 978-0-455-50193-2


2 weeks ago
$80 Save 24%
Cover of Literacy in Australia
Literacy in Australia 978-1-118-40090-6

Authors: Kaye Lowe, Kylie Shaw, Lisbeth Kitson

2 weeks ago
$50 Save 67%
Cover of Communications Toolkit
Communications Toolkit 978-0-17-024361-2

Authors: Jane Grellier, Veronica Goerke

2 weeks ago
$40 Save 51%
Cover of Psychology: Themes and Variations
Psychology: Themes and Variations 978-0-495-09303-9

Authors: Wayne Weiten

2 weeks ago
$20 Save 95%
Cover of A Topical Approach to Lifespan Development
$20 Save 90%
Cover of Australian Taxation
Australian Taxation 978-0-7303-9711-3

Authors: John Bevacqua, Stephen Marsden, Elizabeth Morton, Luke Xu, Ken Devos, Robert Whait

3 weeks ago
Cover of So You Want To Be A Journalist?
So You Want To Be A Journalist? 978-1-107-69282-4

Authors: Grundy, Bruce

3 weeks ago
$20 Save 76%
Cover of Interviewing A guide for journalists and writers
$5 Save 81%
Cover of Public Relations Theory and Practice
Public Relations Theory and Practice 978-1-74331-403-6

Authors: Johnston, Jane;Sheehan, Mark

3 weeks ago
$30 Save 54%
Cover of News As It Happens
News As It Happens 978-0-19-552040-8

Authors: Stephen Lamble

3 weeks ago
$25 Save 72%
Cover of Environment and Politics
Environment and Politics 978-0-415-38051-5

Authors: Doyle, Timothy

3 weeks ago
$15 Save 77%
Cover of Journalism: Critical Issues
Journalism: Critical Issues 978-0-335-21475-4

Authors: Allan, Stuart

3 weeks ago
$20 Save 81%
Cover of The Journalist's Guide to Media Law
The Journalist's Guide to Media Law 978-1-74331-638-2

Authors: Mark Pearson, Mark Polden

3 weeks ago
$20 Save 70%
Introductory Chemistry

Authors: Nivaldo J. Tro

3 weeks ago
$25 Save 75%
Cover of An Introduction to International Relations
An Introduction to International Relations 978-1-107-60000-3

Authors: Devetak, Richard

3 weeks ago
$30 Save 59%
Cover of Crime and Justice
Crime and Justice 978-0-455-23864-7

Authors: Derek Dalton, Willem De Lint, Darren Palmer

3 weeks ago
$15 Save 89%
Cover of Health Care and Indigenous Australians
Health Care and Indigenous Australians 978-1-352-00542-4

Authors: Kerry Taylor, Pauline Thompson Guerin

3 weeks ago
$10 Save 87%
Cover of Psychology: an Introduction for Health Professionals
$60 Save 34%
Cover of Clinical Dosage Calculations
Clinical Dosage Calculations 978-0-17-042369-4

Authors: Vanessa Brotto, Kate Rafferty

1 month ago
$40 Save 33%
Cover of Equity and Trusts in Australia
Equity and Trusts in Australia 978-1-316-62194-3

Authors: Michael Bryan, Vicki Vann, Susan Barkehall Thomas

1 month ago
$60 Save 53%
Cover of Connecting with Tort Law
Connecting with Tort Law 978-0-19-559387-7

Authors: Julia Davis, Marco Rizzi, Kate Offer

1 month ago
$70 Save 46%
Cover of An Introduction to Property Law in Australia
$55 Save 63%
Cover of Torts
Torts 978-0-409-31333-8

Authors: Harold Luntz, David Hambly

1 month ago
$10 Save 100%

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