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challenging subject but useful. Heavy content!

4 months ago


Challenging and interesting

11 months ago


This is a must unit, not only for future editors and publishers, but for any serious writer, whateve...

1 year ago


Absolutely loved this subject, my tutor Virginia was wonderful and helped to direct our group class...

3 years ago


Badly organised, unclear instructions ad expectations due to constant miscommunication between tutor...

3 years ago


You will learn incredible amounts. Not just academically but about yourself as a person. Highly reco...

5 years ago


Incredible experience. Best part of my degree would not change anything about it for the world. High...

5 years ago


Wow a huge work load. Biggest I've ever had at UTS in my almost five years there. Great content, exp...

5 years ago


Great subject, really thought provoking. A lot of reading but it is not forced on you. They are stil...

5 years ago


Definitely not my favourite subject. Pretty bludgy but when it comes time to do work the students wh...

5 years ago


Really enjoyed getting to pick a company I was passionate about and see some real change in this org...

5 years ago


Favourite subject of my whole degree, gave a well rounded and realistic idea of PR work: If only the...

5 years ago

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