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Need to know case law, but very good unit

1 year ago


Some duplication but gives good overview of project management

3 years ago


Good unit for those interested in moving into human resources as it deals with much of interacting w...

4 years ago


Its a unit which you can get a high mark for without a lot of hard work. If you have a business mind...

5 years ago


Get high marks on your assignments. The rest will be easy.

5 years ago


Very disappointed with the delivery of the subject as it was very unorganised and the tutor was very...

6 years ago


I had to hand in a journal article worth 2% each week, was a bit stressful at the start but I find i...

6 years ago


If you have Steve as your lecturer and tutor, you're in for a ride! You'll look forward to lectures...

6 years ago


Had a really good tutor so it really helped me get interested in the subject! Interesting assignment...

6 years ago

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