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Good unit for covering content of Linear Algebra 1 and Calculus 1 in one unit. A little fast so you...

3 days ago


Very good unit, and build good coding habits. Very easy unit if you put in the work.

3 days ago


Great Unit, really good lecturer and incredibly helpful for understanding object orientation and bui...

3 days ago


No...just don't

5 days ago


Great unit content and staff!

1 week ago


Appalling teaching. Made far harder than it needed to be.

3 weeks ago

Culture to Cultures

Meh. Easy class to just cruise in.

2 months ago


If you get a good tutor, and a good group to work with, this can be a really good class. You learn a...

2 months ago


Decent content resources, okay delivery

3 months ago


easiest unit if you do the work

3 months ago


Great hands on experience in psychological assessments. It was great to build knowledge of assessmen...

4 months ago


A pretty hard unit for a lot of students, especially if you don't have much of a maths background. I...

6 months ago


This subject was very well done, and the tutor did an amazing job.

6 months ago


Easy unit. If you like maps, you'll do see a ton!

6 months ago


Very fun unit to learn! You will be building a website that implements a map-based solution. You'll...

6 months ago


Unit goes very hand-in-hand almost with GEOL2005 Igneous Petrology and applies much of what is learn...

6 months ago


Lecturer is good - he tries to get students to learn without directly giving you the answers.

6 months ago


Unit does have some math in it, but it's not too hard as the formulas are provided to you. Lecturer...

6 months ago


The practicals are interesting because you try your hand at stereonets. However, you will want to co...

6 months ago


Milo is an alright lecturer, but I find he does not know how to communicate with international stude...

6 months ago


Lecturer is very knowledgeable. She's also very strict, but she's also very fair in her dealings. As...

6 months ago


Lecturers seem very dedicated to their work and you can tell they try to engage with students. The w...

6 months ago


I can't say if this unit was beneficial for me personally, but I can see that it benefited many othe...

6 months ago


Can't say if it is necessary to the course overall, but is an easy unit.

6 months ago

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