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Culture to Cultures

Meh. Easy class to just cruise in.

2 days ago


If you get a good tutor, and a good group to work with, this can be a really good class. You learn a...

2 days ago


Decent content resources, okay delivery

3 weeks ago


easiest unit if you do the work

3 weeks ago


Great hands on experience in psychological assessments. It was great to build knowledge of assessmen...

2 months ago


This subject was very well done, and the tutor did an amazing job.

3 months ago


This class is a fantastic base to start on in social work. The tutors and engaging and the history y...

7 months ago


the lectures were near pointless, they assessed us on content we hadn't learnt, and the tutorials we...

8 months ago


lots of information

8 months ago


some obsolete techniques taught but gives good concept about cost management

8 months ago


Some duplication but gives good overview of project management

8 months ago


I thought this subject was very beneficial in being taught the requirements of paraphrasing, referen...

8 months ago


Labs were interactive and enjoyable. Lectures were long and required intense concentration in case y...

8 months ago


Final exam was difficult to study for by all students because the content was unclear. Spent most of...

8 months ago


Subject was fun and the eTests were much easier than I had first anticipated. Group assessment was a...

8 months ago


Really easy subject once you've worked through all the practice papers. Lecturer was clear and alway...

8 months ago


Content delivery isn't super engaging but the assignments do demand quite precise answers. I would r...

8 months ago


Can seem scary at the outset but is very comprehensive and doable if you attend all the lectures and...

8 months ago


It is like year 12 human bio with a lot more focus on primates. Labs are boring and the exam wasn't...

9 months ago


Awesome! Super interesting stuff. The group assignment was a little confusing at times however overa...

9 months ago


Loved it. A little challenging with the new concepts and frameworks to learn but it was explained/ta...

9 months ago


Great however 4 weeks of class time was wasted doing Mental Health First Aid. There were little issu...

9 months ago


Waste of time and money. You sit in class and listen to guest speakers every week. Was just a fill i...

9 months ago


Was a big confusing but now seems to have gotten better. Unit coordinator knows his stuff and is ext...

10 months ago