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I found this course quite easy, as I had done Year 11 and 12 Chem, so I spent most of my time explai...

2 months ago


Loved every minute of this unit! Such an interesting and fun way of learning genetics and the multit...

1 year ago


The best way to score highly in this unit is practice...practice ...and practice

2 years ago


"The dynamic planet" is a good unit for you to learn more about how the planet works. We're living i...

2 years ago


As what the unit name is, plant and animal biology. In this unit, you'll need to attend all the labs...

2 years ago


Japanese language is a very easy language learn. Read along with the lecturer in the lecture is an e...

2 years ago


Interesting unit!!! I enjoy every lectures throughout the semester. The best way of learning this un...

2 years ago


Well. Envt2220 is an interesting unit..you can learn a lot of things in the practical exercises..the...

2 years ago