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Cover of Psychology
Psychology 978-0-7167-6428-1

Authors: Myers

15 hours ago
$60 Save 71%
Cover of 2019 Lippincott Pocket Drug Guide for Nurses
$12 Save 67%
Cover of Nursing and Midwifery Student's Clinical Midwifery Survival Guide
$10 Save 54%
Cover of Gray's Anatomy for Students
Gray's Anatomy for Students 978-1-4557-5898-2

Authors: Richard Drake, A. Wayne Vogl, Adam W. M. Mitchell

18 hours ago
$50 Save 48%
Cover of Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards
Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards 978-0-323-53050-7

Authors: John T. Hansen

18 hours ago
$40 Save 23%
Cover of Moore's Clinical Anatomy Flash Cards
Moore's Clinical Anatomy Flash Cards 978-1-4511-7335-2

Authors: Douglas J. Gould

18 hours ago
$40 Save 29%
Cover of Teaching Primary Science Constructively
Teaching Primary Science Constructively 978-0-17-026120-3

Authors: Keith Skamp, Christine Margaret Preston

20 hours ago
$50 Save 58%
Cover of Chemistry Core Concepts 2E Hybrid
Chemistry Core Concepts 2E Hybrid 978-0-7303-6357-6

Authors: A. Blackman

1 day ago
$80 Save 38%
Cover of Understanding Careers
Understanding Careers 978-1-4462-8292-2

Authors: Kerr Inkson, Nicky Dries, John Arnold

1 day ago
$80 Save 22%
Cover of Introductory Economics
Introductory Economics 978-1-4886-1045-5

Authors: Hubbard

1 day ago
$90 Save 36%
Cover of Understanding Business Law
Understanding Business Law 978-0-409-34386-1

Authors: Stephen Graw, David Parker, Keturah Whitford, Elfriede Sangkuhl

1 day ago
$75 Save 29%
Cover of Nutshell: Introduction to Intellectual Property
Nutshell: Introduction to Intellectual Property 978-0-455-23371-0

Authors: Anne Fitzgerald, Dimitrios G. Eliades

2 days ago
$40 Save 43%
Cover of Australian Torts Law, 4th Edition
Australian Torts Law, 4th Edition 978-0-409-34204-8

Authors: Amanda Stickley

2 days ago
$80 Save 30%
Cover of Fundamentals of Nursing
Fundamentals of Nursing 978-1-4354-8067-4

Authors: Sue DeLaune, Patricia Ladner

3 days ago
$50 Save 84%
Cover of Oxford EAP B2: Student's Book and DVD-ROM Pack
$50 Save 47%
Cover of Evaluation in a Nutshell
Evaluation in a Nutshell 978-0-07-101620-9

Authors: Adrian Ernest Bauman, Don Nutbeam

3 days ago
$20 Save 53%
Tabbners nursing care- Theory and Practice

Authors: Gabrielle koutoukidis Kate Stainton Jodie Hughson

4 days ago
$80 Save 33%
Cover of International Marketing
International Marketing 978-1-4886-1116-2

Authors: Richard Fletcher, Heather Crawford

4 days ago
$80 Save 44%
Cover of CB
CB 978-1-305-57724-4

Authors: Barry J. Babin, Eric Harris

4 days ago
$60 Save 42%
Cover of Risk Management
Risk Management 978-0-7494-6838-5

Authors: Paul Hopkin

4 days ago
$25 Save 50%
Cover of Financial Reporting
Financial Reporting 978-0-7303-6946-2

Authors: Janice Loftus

6 days ago
$110 Save 24%
Cover of Management Accounting
Management Accounting 978-1-76042-040-6

Authors: KIM. LANGFIELD SMITH, Langfield-Smith et al, David Alan Smith, Paul Andon, Ronald W Hilton, Helen Thorne

6 days ago
$110 Save 31%
Cover of Australian Taxation Law 2020
Australian Taxation Law 2020 978-0-19-032373-8

Authors: Robin Woellner, Stephen Barkoczy, Shirley Murphy, Chris Evans, Dale Pinto

6 days ago
$110 Save 41%

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