Understanding Business Law

Stephen Graw, David Parker, Keturah Whitford, Elfriede Sangkuhl

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First Principles of Business Law 2017

Michael Lambiris, Laura Griffin

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Australian Business Law 2015

Paul Latimer

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Understanding Business Law

David Parker, Elfriede Sangkuhl

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Business Law Exam Cheat Sheet

Highly extensive and clear 2 page cheat sheet which has everything you need to ace your exam! Fi...

3 pages, 5415 words

BLAW1004 - Semester Notes

Module 1. Introduction Module 2. Sources of Law Module 3. Making a Contract Module 4. Contents of...

72 pages, 21467 words

BLAW1004 Notes (with 4 Step Process)

Essential notes to pass BLAW1004. Included 4 Step Process for assignment and final exam.

15 pages, 3424 words

BLAW1004 - Business Law [Final Exam Notes]

List of topics covered in the Exam Notes: (include Law Cases from each lecture towards the end of t...

26 pages, 8002 words

BLAW1004 - Business Law Notes

These notes are the lecture slides and notes which are covered throughout the semester. Also include...

88 pages, 30391 words

Full Semester BLAW1004 Notes

Covers all topics covering lecture, tute and textbook materials. Covers: - The nature and functi...

44 pages, 14391 words

BLAW1004 Exam Notes

Topic 6: Performance and Breach (including relevant case studies) Topic 7: Remedies (including r...

21 pages, 7256 words

BLAW1004 Final Exam Notes

These notes comprise all examinable content in the Business Law final exam. This packet is concise a...

7 pages, 920 words

Final Exam Business Law Notes

These notes contain all content covered in the final exam. Includes all case studies mentioned and...

32 pages, 9042 words

BLAW1004 Exam Notes

These are the notes I used to complete the end of semester exam for Business Law. They consist of t...

17 pages, 5392 words


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