Semester 1, 2017

BLAW1004 Final Exam Notes

7 pages

920 words




These notes comprise all examinable content in the Business Law final exam. This packet is concise and includes all important case studies, descriptions and a clear format on how to answer major topic questions for the exam.

Topics covered:
Topic 5: Contents of a contract - Exclusion clauses and implied terms
Topic 6: Performance and breach of contract - Discharge of contractual obligations
Topic 7: Remedies for breach of contract
Topic 9: The scope of tort law - Negligence

Clear outlines for major topic questions that are examinable:
Topic 5: Terms that exclude liability; Implied terms by fact; Terms implied by operation of law
Topic 7: Remedies for breach of contract

I received a High Distinction for the BLAW1004 final exam.




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