Fundamentals of Financial Markets and Institutions in Australia

Tom Valentine, Ford, Liam O'Hara, Sundmacher

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Concept HD Notes (mark of 90/100) for FINA3324 : Investment Analysis (Concepts only)

Written by Ray

Through these notes, I achieved a mark of 89. I am selling my notes for FINA3324: Investment Anal...

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Comprehensive HD Notes for FINA3324: Investment Analysis (Mark 90/100)

Written by Ray

Through these notes, I achieved a mark of 90. Given the unit has no textbook and lecture slides l...

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I came to do FINA3324 thinking it was going to be absolute hell. It is and it isn't. Although there is a lot of content to learn, and the in-lecture quizzes are ambiguous, the markers of the assignment, and the final exam were very lenient. It helps if you have friends/people in this unit to talk to about the quizzes and especially the assignment (since the content you write is subjective). Make sure you actively participate in the tutorials to get full marks.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018