Valuation Pearson International Edition

Titman, Martin*

For sale by Rebecca for $55


Sheridan J. Titman, John D. Martin

For sale by Danny for $90

Valuation Pearson International Edition

Titman, Martin*

For sale by Stephanie for $80

High Distinction FINC3015 Notes

Written by James

The notes include all lectures and the following topics: - Methods of Valuation - Pro-forma Foreca...

12 pages, 3869 words

FINC3015 Notes (3rd in Course)

Written by Alex

Exam Notes - focus on second half of the course, and the valuations side. Very useful for exam cramm...

13 pages, 3461 words

HD Vals Comprehensive Notes

Written by Duncan

Comprehensive notes that include all lectures and exerpts from the prescribed textbook. I received a...

114 pages, 24889 words

FINC3015 (Vals) HD Notes

Written by Raymond

These are a set of comprehensive notes for FINC3015 (aka Vals). The notes cover all weeks of con...

77 pages, 22788 words

FINC3015 HD Notes (Mark: 87)

Written by Danny

Complete Set of FINC3015 HD Notes to help you study for your case studies and final exams. Using...

55 pages, 10943 words

FINC3015 Comprehensive Notes

Written by Chris

Comprehensive notes for financial valuation includes all topics and notes from discussions in lectur...

190 pages, 35933 words

FINC3015 Complete Notes

Written by Donal

Easy to read and brief notes that focuses on major points of emphasis - includes all topics and lect...

13 pages, 3274 words

FINC3015 HD Notes!

Written by Mark

Cheaper than the rest! Ace this course with HD notes that cover the lectures and the textbook. In...

41 pages, 16860 words

FINC3015 Valuation Course notes

Written by AZP

All-inclusive notes regarding the content, along with high scoring case studies completed throughout...

73 pages, 25207 words

HD FINC3015 Notes

Written by Maxine

Ranked 3rd in the course, HD Vals notes. Inclusive of lectures, tutorials and case study assignments...

42 pages, 19417 words


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Angelo Asparis is a god amongst men and this is the best finance elective you'll ever do

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

Loved This course

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014