Complete Set of FINC3015 HD Notes to help you study for your case studies and final exams. Using ONLY these notes, I was able to achieve a final mark of 87. These notes not only helped to study for the final exam, but I also used to maximise my marks for the case study assignments. Topic List: 1. Introduction to mainstream valuation techniques 2. Building pro forma financial statements 3. Analysing the firm's environment 4. Analysing the firm's operations 5. Forecasting and valuing cash flows 6. Project risk analysis 7. Estimating a firm's cost of capital (cost of debt, cost of equity) 8. Relative valuation 9. Enterprise valuation - residual income model, economic profit model 10. Valuation in a private equity setting 11. Earning dilution, incentive compensation and project selection


Semester 1, 2018

55 pages

10,943 words



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