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Hi there, thanks for visiting my profile! I hold a Commerce/Law degree (top 10%) and I'm here to help you achieve your academic goals. As an experienced tutor, I'm committed to boosting your confidence in your coursework and guiding you in effective exam preparation. I am currently a management consultant, and have a background in finance/legal industries as well. FINANCE TUTORING In Finance, I’ve had extensive experience in Corporate Finance theory and Financial Valuations (especially modelling). I have built several models for university, case competitions (UBS Case Competition which I came 2nd nationally) and also for work. This is an area where I can provide significant help. LAW TUTORING In particularly for law, I can help with structuring problem questions, identifying issues and showing you how to integrate case law/statute to create a stronger response. I have detailed scaffolds to assist you with structuring your answers. I will also give you the tips and tricks which I use to consistently get 80+ in problem questions. I am also happy to share my own problem question responses as samples. I have several HD quality problem question papers. CAREER MENTORING I have received several requests from students for general career mentoring on how to navigate university and graduate applications. I am happy to provide mentoring services and general advice on applications. FINC2011: 85 HD FINC2012: 86 HD FINC3015 Valuations: 87 HD FINC3017: 89 HD FINC3600: 85 HD BUSS1020 Statistics: 88 HD BUSS1030 Accounting: 89 HD BUSS1040 Economics: 84 D BUSS2000: 83 D ECON1002: 91 HD PHIL1012: 92 HD LAWS1017 TC2: 83 D LAWS1021 Public: 80 D LAWS1023 Public International Law: 80 D LAWS2010 Admin: 85 HD LAWS2011 FedCon: 80 D LAWS2012 IPCL: 86 HD LAWS2014 Corps: 78 D LAWS2015 Equity: 75 D LAWS2017 Real Property: 83 D LAWS2018 PIL A: 77 D LAWS3412 Australian Income Tax: 85 HD LAWS3413 Banking and Financial Instruments: 80 D LAWS3452 Medical Law: 80 D




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