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SEB104 is a super easy subject as there are a lot of group work assessment pieces. As well as that t...

6 months ago


Has a lot of coding

8 months ago


Decent course. The lectures covered pretty much all the material whilst the CROMS and PASS sheets we...

1 year ago


Very well taught and assessment was well set up

1 year ago


A little disorganised and theory heavy, particularly near the end of the semester. However, like in...

2 years ago


Definitely would have been easier with high school biology knowledge, and some clarification on what...

2 years ago


Very poorly organised class, but I suppose that's just biology for you. I didn't get many due dates...

2 years ago


Electromagnetism is a fascinating subject that explains the fundamentals behind maxwells equations,...

2 years ago


Very dense material, but if you tune in, it's heaps of fun to train your brain to think properly.

2 years ago


Too much history, didn't learn much about the actual profession.

2 years ago