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Electromagnetism is a fascinating subject that explains the fundamentals behind maxwells equations, exploring electrostatic and electromagnetic fields of solids, shells and point charges. For me personally and a lot of my classmates that grasp the theory much better than I did, it was very difficult. The later subject theory of magnetostactics was a bit confusing but the final topic of light was really interesting. The teaching staff have made a lot of improvements from last year (I dropped out on my first attempt) and are dedicated to meeting the success of their students whilst still upholding academic integrity. I think we should have been prepared better for the exam with some review lectures and more material on blackboard. Tips! Stick together, with the progressive assessment and revision, bouncing back and forth with each other helps understand it so much better. Also, I very very strongly advise attending all lectures. As tedious as the contact hours may be (4 hours of lectures plus pracs) it is definitely worthwhile, particularly because of the style of teaching the different lecturers utilise. All in all, an interesting subject in terms of theory, but also, arguably the hardest subject in the physics degree. Definitely needs your best effort. Good luck!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015