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PHAR3310 Colourful Exam Notes [HD]

Written by Rebecca

A great unit deserves some great notes! There is a lot of information so I made sure to colour co-or...

85 pages, 20000 words


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I really enjoyed this unit! Fiona (unit coordinator) does an excellent job of both coordinating and lecturing multiple topics within the unit, with great presentation style and each lecture structured around a core concept. In general, the various lecturers are deserving of praise as they have clear content with defined learning intentions. Sometimes though lectures are saturated with information, making it hard to determine what is superfluous. The 3x MCQ assessments were a great way to keep on top of lecture content, and complemented the accompanying PHAR3311 unit. Pharmacology is a great major, and in general the information contained within each unit proves useful for a multitude of future careers.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019