General Anatomy

Eizenberg, Norman

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General Anatomy

Eizenberg, Norman

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General Anatomy

Eizenberg, Norman

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Netter's Anatomy Coloring Book

John T. Hansen

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2019 S1 ANAT20006 Notes

This is note is written throughout the semester, and covers ALL the details you need to know on this...

195 pages, 44798 words

ANAT20006 H1 95 notes

These notes comprehensively cover the content of ANAT20006 in a straightforward and logical way....

144 pages, 26299 words

ANAT20006 Comprehensive H1 94 Notes

These notes comprehensively and concisely cover content from all lectures in the 12 week course. Tim...

53 pages, 22950 words

ANAT20006 Anatomy Study Posters

These are the study posters that I created based off the Unimelb ANAT20006 Syllabus - all content is...

6 pages, 500 words

Comprehensive H1 Principles of Human Structure Notes

Full notes from weeks 1 to 12 covering embryology, nervous system, principles of the skeletal system...

46 pages, 18609 words

Complete ANAT20006 Course Summary (H1-level)

Complete lecture notes for ANAT20006 covering topics including but not limited to embryology, neuroa...

206 pages, 50000 words

Principles of Anatomy ANAT20006 Clear and Concise notes (H1)

For this subject, I wrote brief notes in class then cleaned them up and cross-checked with reference...

96 pages, 33040 words

Principles of Human Structure SUMMARISED H1 Notes

All topics summarised into the following categories: - Nervous System - Skeletal and Articular S...

27 pages, 12565 words

ANAT20006 Semester 1, 2018 Study Guide

This guide is made to follow the lectures covered in Semester 1, 2018. A study guide derived fro...

100 pages, 33198 words

Complete 2018 ANAT20006 Notes for Exam Revision and Lecture Preparation

Comprehensive and complete set of anatomy notes for all lectures. Covers: - Body Terminology -...

95 pages, 21083 words


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I truly enjoyed this subject. Whilst not being overwhelming, it gave a good overview of all the major body systems. The professors were clear in their explanation, and were quick to reply to concerns. Ended up with a H1 and happy with the overall experience!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

Not a bad subject, but quite a bit of content. A lot of it was very dry (upper and lower limb self-learning, embryology), but nevertheless not badly taught. The lecturers varied a lot in terms of style and quality, but for the most part they get across what they need to (some are drier than others). Rex was a helpful and involved coordinator, and there was support on the forums for those who needed it. MSTs are fast-paced and somewhat difficult in that regard (MCQ format, 1min/q), but the ADSLs were free marks and the exam was very fair, nothing out of left field.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

This was quite a disappointing subject, particularly as it was a principle subject for the HSF major. I found the lecturers to be extremely boring (apart from Simon Murray who was very engaging). The content was mostly read out from lecture slides and the lecturers made no effort to expand on this to increase our understanding. The online nature of this subject also made it more difficult to engage in content as the majority of lectures were from previous recordings of the subject and the online discussion board was rarely used by lecturers. The lecturers can also be quite disorganised, particularly Dagmar who delivered Embryology and Reproductive Systems. That being said, the final exam was fair and I was quite easily able to achieve a H1 in this subject. I did find the ADSLs extremely useful in giving a free 10% for the subject though. The online MSTS were quite unfair, in allowing 1 minute per question (especially taking into consideration slow internet connection!), and feedback is next to none on your progress through the subject. This subject definitely requires you to be interested in the content yourself, as the lecturers make it quite difficult to appreciate the material.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

LOVED THIS SUBJECT!!! I was heartbroken that we weren't able to do any of the pracs as the subject was run online but they made the MSTs and exam questions reflect that which was very fair. The embryology topic can be very confusing at first but once i revisited it during preparation for the first MST, everything seemed to start making sense! The MSTs were pretty quick but you will be fine if you have notes by your side and are organised (also knowing the content will REALLLYY help). The subject seems to be quite content heavy but later lectures will correspond to earlier ones and everything will really start to make more sense. I found all the lecturers to be super passionate about teaching the subject, especially Simon Murray!!!!!!!! When you take the subject, don't get caught up on trying to remember where every bone and muscle are located, it's more important to know their function and to take special note of any injuries/ailments associated with it as that is what is really tested. I found the exam to be VERY easy and so was easy to score high in. If you are organised and good with self guided learning i would definitely recommend taking the subject! Although disappointing there are no pracs, the online nature of the subject makes it super easy to score high and it really helped to boost my WAM

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

I did this subject online (due to covid) and it was great. There was a real shame on missing practicals, but some lecturers tried to make up for it using 3D models of the structures. Assessment was very fair, especially with a free 10% from ADSL tests. Some students complained about having spotty internet during MSTs which led to their score dropping (we were given 20 minutes for 20 questions). The key to doing well on the final exam here is to go through ADSLs and makes sure you're able to answer all the questions they ask on the worksheets, and maybe think more about applications of the theory. Though there wasn't much support from lecturers themselves (only Dagmar and Simon answered forum posts), we were given a lot of resources to work with, e.g. anatomedia. I thought it was a really good example of a subject where you needed independence to do well.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

This subject is very challenging. Pretty much entirely about memorisation with lots of tiny details. Most of the lecturers were good, but the nature of the subject means lectures alone are not enough to give students a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. Due to Covid-19 we had no pracs and only online lectures (many weren't even recorded this year, they just sent us last years), there are also no tutorials, except an online 'tutorial' (worksheet) that you just work through alone. The coordinators punished us for having to do the tests at home by shortening the time limit and making it almost impossible to finish the test on time. I suggest you don't take this subject while uni remains online.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

I did this subject at the end of 2nd year and loved it! It is a very challenging subject with a lot of things to remember but definitely rewarding and very very helpful if you are thinking of pursuing Doctor of Medicine or Dental Surgery as most of the lectures and lecturers are the same as in first year Med!! The pracs are a fun and awesome experience where you will be able to have a look at real anatomy in cadavers with good teachers teaching you human anatomy!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

A lot of things to remember but it was a very interesting subject. Have to STAY ON TOP of it from the start.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Quite a difficult subject, with lots of memorisation. However, there are MANY resources to help you do your best, such as the weekly online tutorials (ADSL), an@tomedia, and the labs. The labs are hands down one of the most interesting, and fun times I've had in a subject. It relates to lecture material in a practical sense, and will leave you with lasting impressions. Even though studying for the MSTs and exams were some tough times, the more time you put into studying, the more you will get out of it (like always). Everything was nicely paced and fair, just don't fall behind.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

Practical classes were an amazing experience! On the whole, the lecturers were great and it is evident that they are all highly experienced in their knowledge and expertise. An@tomedia was a lifesaver and ADSL's were great for learning and revision. Exams are definitely fair- 3 sections. Section A: MCQ Section B: Short answer with MCQ fill in the blanks Section C: Short answer with written answers and some labelling

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019