These notes comprehensively cover the content of ANAT20006 in a straightforward and logical way.

Every lecture in the subject is covered in detail, and I've taken extra time to clarify confusing parts of the course like embryology, inguinal ligament and reproduction. No part of the course is left out, no matter how small.

Topics Covered:
- embryology
- human classification
- nervous system, skeletal system, articular system, muscular system, integumental system, vascular system
- vertebral column
- upper limb bones, joints, muscles, nerves and vessels
- lower limb bones, joints, muscles, nerves and vessels
- viscera
- respiratory tract, thorax and lungs
- heart and cardiovascular system
- gastrointestinal tract
- kidneys and urinary tract
- reproductive systems

I received a mark of 95 in the subject using these notes.
144 pages
Images accompany the notes to help your learning.


Semester 1, 2017

144 pages

26,299 words



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