These notes cover the neuroscience course comprehensively and in detail. All lecture content is covered in these notes, and further detail is given for more difficult concepts.

These notes are perfect for studying for the MST and exam. Using these notes I achieved a score of 90.

Topics covered in the notes:
- history of the nervous system and brain
- cellular basis of neuronal function and communication
- studying the nervous system
- development of the nervous system
- senses (touch, taste, sight, smell, vision)
- autonomic nervous system
- enteric nervous system
- upper and lower motor neurons
- cerebellum
- optogenetics
- sensory motor integration
- learning and memory
- time, space and place
- pain, fear and anxiety
- motivation and reward
- plasticity of the nervous system
- disorders of the nervous system
- evolution of the brain
- language, prefrontal cortex, consciousness


Semester 1, 2018

122 pages

29,293 words



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