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Saswat Kuthully

$20 per hour

I am Saswat, a Master of Cybersecurity graduate of Monash University. I am an effective communicator...


This is an OK unit. It's very broad and covers a range of things relating to research methods that are specific to IT. You learn about ethics, conducting literature reviews, creating surveys and interviewing people, collecting data and performing analysis and finally communicating research where you make a 90 second video. Tutors are very helpful, never went to the labs though. Lectures are split up into small weekly videos, which accompany weekly quizzes and submittables. Can do in your own time so that's good. Assignments were a mix of boring, time consuming and sometimes interesting, especially when you make a video, it gets the creative juices flowing. Overall it's a core for any FIT masters, don't expect much.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023