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Great content depth and presents a clear learning objective towards building GUIs and complex Java p...

3 months ago


Cruisy class, not difficult to get 90%+ / HD in.

7 months ago


Predictive Analytics in Trimester 2, 2016 was an interesting and challenging course that was run pre...

11 months ago


A decent subject, however the first few weeks are rather boring.

1 year ago


This unit was great!! So many resources provided! It was an alternative and new side to maths I had...

1 year ago


I LOVED this unit!! Everything about it was awesome! The lecturers willingness to help, the resource...

1 year ago


Very easy subject, lots of group work, 3 hour classses per week

1 year ago


I really enjoyed this subject. Class slides and materials were very clear and thorough. There is no...

1 year ago


Heavy reliance on textbook, so make sure you have access to it. Many students found the assignment q...

1 year ago