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Awesome unit, if you like python. The test and exam were very basic programming exercises. There were some short answer questions that might require a bit more effort, but wouldn't make a difference to your overall grade. There's little competition as solutions for lab or past year exam papers are not provided. You have to know the nuances of python functions and codes. Things you can pick up easily, on your own. In fact weaker programmers would not even get practise programming questions. If you like programming, there is no need to attend labs or lectures (although that would be shame, as the lecture content is very interesting!)

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

Great unit specially if you like to program. Really good introduction to data science and gives you a taste of it all. The lecturer is really great and the lectures were presented in a very interesting format doing case studies and lots of examples as they work through. We did 8-10 different case studies each on different topics, environment, COVID, tides and what not. The discussion board on team is very well organised and the lecturer always takes the time to answer the questions (quite quickly!). Couldn’t have run the unit any better! Thanks Cara.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021