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Honestly, this unit is quite challenging in the sense that it very content-heavy and requires a lot of memorisation. However, for those with a little background in human biology, this unit is a piece of cake and can even be enjoyable. The assessments are made up of participation and pre-labs/lab quizzes (or 'reports' as they're called) which make up 40% of the grade. I would highly recommend trying to maximise your grade through these as much as possible since the exam is worth a lot. Speaking of the exam which was worth 60%, it wasn't too difficult as it was multiple choice and I also noticed some of the questions being repeated from the past practice exams that we got for revision. The labs were a bit boring for me personally, however, they were a great time to get to interact with other students as we were often just left to do our work by ourselves with occasional help from the lab demonstrators when needed. Tony is a great unit coordinator and delivers the lectures for the Autonomic Nervous and Renal systems, he was very helpful and also replied to the emails very quickly. Overall, this unit is not an easy HD if you do not have any prior knowledge of human biology and I would not really recommend this as an elective, but that being said, you can still do well if you are up-to-date with the lectures and labs reports and ask for help when needed.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2024

Despite what others say, if you’ve done ATAR human biology, work hard and are passionate about human biological sciences then I think this is a fantastic unit. I memorised pretty much everything on almost every slide and detail they stated which isn’t too hard (it’s pretty systematic and an extension from year 11 and 12 ATAR human biology) especially if you scored highly in ATAR human biology (but I think it was mostly the passion I have for these sciences, I do really love them). The hands on practicals that complement the renal, cardiovascular and respiratory topics is really interesting. Make sure you take your time for the post labs and start it early as there are some difficult questions that require some thought. I have however scored pretty well consistently and brought most of the 40% just before sitting the exam which is worth 60%. The review that says that it’s disorganised… I understand that if you haven't done ATAR human biology (and scored well) as you need a fair bit of context. But having done Human biology, man this is a great unit. I must say that all the lecturers were all pretty enthusiastic and fun to learn from. Do note that if you are not the best at memorisation /passionate about human biology then maybe reconsider.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2024

No idea what the other two reviews did but this unit was extremely disorganised, each bodily system lecture (neuro, endocrine, CVS, Respiratory, reproductive, digestive) spewed as much information as possible at you, expecting you to remember each detail as if each lecturer was trying to convince you to do their line of work. The labs were fun and decent, other than the piss lab where you have to urinate into a jug for 20 minute intervals in 2 hours. The post lab quizzes for those labs were abysmal, not one person I spoke to found those fair or productive at all, lecturers had to give multiple attempts after setting it to only 1 attempt for all of them. The exam is multiple choice but one of the worst exams I think I've ever done so far in my studies. Would not recommend for first year students unless you're extremely dedicated to remembering very specific tid bits of information across every bodily system. (This unit was Phyl2001 but was changed to a first year unit last year, have a look at the top review on student vip)

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2024

The exam was super easy, and the content is also easy. Pretty fun labs and simple post labs. Keep up with content and it’s a very achievable HD.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2023

My favourite unit of first yr. I could not recommend this unit enough for biomed students. The unit focuses on a few body systems (nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, reproductive and digestive). This unit explores how the body systems work efficiently to maintain homeostasis rather than studying the anatomy of these structures like anhb1102. The assessments include 4 easy labs with a lab report, and a multiple choice exam. The exam was very easy and the questions were similar, if not identical to past multiple choice questions from phyl2001 (the old unit that phyl1001 replaced). If you love endocrinology/homeostasis, you will love this unit.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2023