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Hopeless. Outdated textbook full of errors prescribed for this course. Lectures & tutorials consiste...

2 months ago


Excellent course. Well planned. Great support. Interesting material. Loved the res school! Can be co...

2 months ago


Excellent course. Well planned. Very supportive staff. Wonderful textbook & additional materials. V...

2 months ago


Best subject I've done at USQ yet. So well formatted & planned out. The other lecturers need to take...

2 months ago


Excellent, loved it. Very easy. Everything is in the lecture slides, and book. If you follow that yo...

3 months ago


There were things that weren't properly covered during the subject in the exam. Make sure you follow...

3 months ago


Heavily assignment based, easy if you keep on top of things

3 months ago


Not bad, it was only 2 assignments which I felt was quite lazy. If you're on top of things you'll do...

3 months ago


Only offered online and obligatory residential school attendance over break

5 months ago


So incredibly interesting and useful in everyday life as well

1 year ago


Was a great subject with famtastic lecturers. I studied externally and really enjoyed the Res School

2 years ago


Online teaching good, but face to face tutorials weren't engaging

3 years ago