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Advanced Design and Data Analysis Lecture Notes

Written by Michelle

This is the completed lecture notes for PSYC40005 Advanced Design and Data Analysis. It is preci...

41 pages, 5144 words

ADDA_comprehensive/detail notes_wd practice questions

Written by Emmilie

Very detailed, comprehensive notes, including 30+ practice questions for each lecture AND test assum...

146 pages, 42615 words

PSYC40005 - ADDA - Comprehensive course notes

Written by Michael

Comprehensive notes for PSYC40005 Advanced Design and Data Analysis. Earned me a mark of 93 for the...

151 pages, 40780 words

PSYC40005 ADDA lecture summary notes

Written by Feiven

Comprehensive and succinct one-page per lecture summary notes for PSYC40005 Advanced Design and Data...

13 pages, 10380 words


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The most challenging subject of my university career, but definitely the most valuable one too.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2021