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My lecturer is Sanja. She inspires me a lot about her teaching style and she does try her very best...

1 week ago


The first part of the course is all about theory and most of my classmate feel completely lost. The...

1 week ago


Easier than I anticipated

2 weeks ago


Nothing has ever made me cringe as much as this subject, the teachers and the students. It's basical...

3 weeks ago


Come well prepared to labs and read carefully over the experimental before entering to ensure a succ...

2 months ago


bad teachers with bad subject

3 months ago


The lectures and tutorials have nothing to do with each other, therefore I did not get much out of i...

4 months ago


Really damn hard

4 months ago


The name of this subject is quite misleading, as it actually explores the evolution of the Australia...

8 months ago


This subject is essentially an expansion of the second half of ECON205, with slightly less maths but...

8 months ago


Unfortunately, there is nothing positive about this subject. The textbook is US-based, and as a resu...

8 months ago


This subject could have been so much better. The lecturer is not at all helpful and has a strong pro...

8 months ago


Interesting subject to do in UOW.

8 months ago


The most inspiring education subject so far.

8 months ago


Skeletal. pulminary, renal, nervous, respiratory etc - this is how it all works together in various...

8 months ago


I'm biased. I LOVED this ECOLOGY subject & was asked to teach PASS. I loved the drawing, I loved the...

8 months ago


Difficult to understand. Professor G is beyond teaching undergrad. The 'open book' exam (60%) was a...

8 months ago


Heavy on the chemistry side - no problem if you do 1st year chem subjects concurrently. PASS is avai...

8 months ago


not a lot of feedback on assessments - however this can be a very good thing (if you're on the right...

8 months ago


I LOVE MY DEGREE! The concepts in this subject can seem off the planet at first glance, however once...

8 months ago


A great subject to review primary math, to learn new methods and to learn teaching tips for primary...

8 months ago


This subject was really easy and has got basics mathematics that each engineering student must know!

8 months ago


This subject gives deep insight into materials, their properties, their uses and teach you a skill o...

8 months ago


its a great subject! Learning engineering basics with on-hand practicals is the beauty of this subje...

8 months ago