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This subject is so much fun! Never a dull moment. Very interesting and super relevant content.

9 months ago


Great content. Topics are 1) Logic - e.g AND, OR, NOT, proofs 2) Numbers - e.g modular arithmetic...

1 year ago


Boring lectures and more or less boring tutorials. If you like socialism, you'll like this subject.

4 years ago


Anyone who enjoys politics will love though it's not my favorite area

4 years ago

PSYC 101

Class taught by student. Marking subjective. Not much guidance.

5 years ago


Keep up with each week and each lesson in Stats, use the SPSS textbook and try your best in understa...

5 years ago


I LOVE MY DEGREE! The concepts in this subject can seem off the planet at first glance, however once...

5 years ago


I did not think I would find Psychology so interesting. I was always intrigued during lectures and t...

6 years ago

BCM 310

Really enjoyed this subject! Classes were actually worth going.. and the blog assessment was a great...

8 years ago

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