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A hard subject for students with no relevant background. Requires lots of self study and exploration

9 months ago


Biochem 1 and 2 are difficult. Goodluck

1 year ago


Great subject.

1 year ago


This subject follows on from HOS1. Goes through the remaining organs and their associated diseases....

1 year ago


Immunology is a difficult subject. There is SO much to learn. Start early and begin memorising every...

1 year ago


A wonderful lecturer, crazy but wonderful. He will expect everything from you and will not give you...

1 year ago


Easy subject to get HD's. Put in the work and you will do very well.

1 year ago


Depending on who teaches this class can either be a wonderful or horrendous. If you studied chemistr...

1 year ago


Great and easy subject for first year. Basic anatomy of the most important organs and what diseases...

1 year ago


Nutrition and health dives that little bit deeper into the world of nutrition. Taught by outstanding...

1 year ago


This subject was very interesting and easy. The lecturer made this subject worth attending every le...

1 year ago


Favourite law subject so far! I created a tick-the-box type of formula to help with my analysis of...

2 years ago


Fantastic subject for students who wish to develop their theoretical knowledge about the history of...

2 years ago

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