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A hard subject for students with no relevant background. Requires lots of self study and exploration

3 months ago


Favourite law subject so far! I created a tick-the-box type of formula to help with my analysis of...

1 year ago


Fantastic subject for students who wish to develop their theoretical knowledge about the history of...

1 year ago


What a poor subject, honestly you can learn nothing from the lecturer(Paul). Bullshit! Its nothing l...

1 year ago


The final was straight forward, which is related to the given exam topics. But my tutor is horrible...

1 year ago


This subject is nice and coordinated. The lecturer was passionate and my tutor was good and responsi...

1 year ago


Not bad subject, but highly depend on your quality of teammate and tutor. I got lucky for powerful t...

1 year ago


The mid semester was very difficult and it is hard to get mark higher than average unless you are we...

1 year ago


The lecture notes are too messy and the final exam was out of topic. The lecturer Majid is annoy wit...

1 year ago


Great Unit. The content is easy to understand

2 years ago


Great Unit. Well organized.

2 years ago