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1 day ago


Great, comprehensive subject. Also suits any environmental chemicals subject.

3 days ago


Nigel has no idea what is actually going on in his own course and the rest of them are just as bad....

2 weeks ago


This course was terrific. The lecturer Bridget Cullen communicated the material extremely well. I th...

2 months ago

1003 PSY

Interesting and great teaching team

3 months ago


The first half was horrible. The assignment was confusing, people were still asking about some of th...

4 months ago


I have loved this subject. Very challenging but this is what we are here for! The trick is going to...

6 months ago


Great subject, lots of content. I found not enough time to answer all questions in the final exam, v...

6 months ago

University of New England


6 months ago


Great course, good explanations, clear communication. Really helped me to understand Maths B content...

7 months ago


Great if you're an international student or even an english second language spoken domestic student....

7 months ago


EEEasy course but pretty bad workshop facilitators. The assignments are easy so long as you figure o...

7 months ago


SUUUPER great lecture, would recommend, just keep up with content and its an easy 7. Charlene is an...

7 months ago


Easy 7, the labs were easy and the lecture content was easy to keep up with. Skelly tho is not the b...

7 months ago


This subject is difficult, the final exam was very unorganised and the lecturers were not helpful. T...

7 months ago


Okay this subject is a little tricky to explain. The lecture content itself is very straight forward...

7 months ago


This is an easy course however, you need to be very studious with the assignments. The field reports...

7 months ago


Probably one of the worst experiences at University. Most workshops are absolutely useless like lite...

8 months ago


Very disorganised course. I still to this day do not know whether the assignment was an open or clos...

8 months ago


Absolute worst subject I have ever had. Lecturers and tutors are unhelpful, Assignments are badly st...

8 months ago


This course is difficult if you fall behind, or aren't motivated. Explains some concepts well such...

9 months ago


I was reading ahead with this course but still content heavy if you don't have prior experience. A...

9 months ago


Really fun and hands on course. The convenor was fantastic and the final simulation was epic. Would...

11 months ago


The convenor is really good and the course was excellent!

11 months ago

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