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While the course content is interesting, the bulk of material is from weeks 1-6. Make sure you pay g...

1 month ago


This is a an amazing course. There is such a diverse range of lecturers (Desmond Manderson is incred...

1 month ago


Really interesting course. Would thoroughly recommend as an introductory course to human rights as i...

1 month ago


FREN3007 was good with Dr. Gemma King taking over as course convenor and adding the use of french fi...

1 month ago


I hate every coursework in this course, Rani's lectures are boring, long, and suffocating.

2 months ago


Really good second first year chem course

5 months ago


Such a good introduction to chemistry in 1st year, and the lecturers are so good

5 months ago


Good subject, but Tom Kalliath is a horrendous course convenor

5 months ago


This course was quite demanding with at times, the classes of writing, oral, grammar and literature...

6 months ago


Good introductory subject to politics. Lecturers can act over the top sometimes but genuinely enthus...

6 months ago


This course is good if you're taking politics courses as well. It is more theoretical thus, can be e...

6 months ago


Interesting course content. Good range of lecturers. However it was quite fast going with lots to co...

6 months ago


Very interesting course and good teachers. A certain degree of flexibility in choosing topics. Howev...

6 months ago


Really enjoyed this subject and has been my highest scoring out of 6 law subjects. The course conven...

6 months ago


Fun, interesting and more relaxed law course than others. Lectures can be a bit slow but tutorials w...

6 months ago


Enthusiastic course convenor (Ash) and good tutors. Found it best to watch the lectures online so I...

6 months ago


This course is hard, but enjoyable. The assessment is marked quite harshly but if you knuckle down i...

6 months ago


Course was interesting. Ron Levy should have taught negligence instead of Jo Ford though.

6 months ago


Shari is an awesome course convenor!

6 months ago


You can't take this with a computer science major. Horribly organised and managed course, horribl...

6 months ago


An excellent introduction to Analysis and Linear Algebra, and how to structure mathematics proofs. B...

7 months ago


Awesome course. It used to take the place of both Spoken Japanese 3 and 4, but thankfully I think it...

11 months ago


Good course, but if you have only done the psychology prerequisites you may find it more difficult t...

11 months ago


The course content is good, but the lecturer seems to take pride in making it difficult for students...

11 months ago