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A lot of information for a beginner in a short time. DO not miss the virtual tutorials. DO all the e...

2 months ago


Very interesting topics covered. Assessments were easy to deal with and kept you up to date with rea...

3 months ago


Useful book, got me an HD

5 months ago


the course is interesting and the Tutor at UniSA (Bec) is brilliant - very knowledgeable and upbeat....

7 months ago


A very challenging course in a lot of ways... if you have an open mind you can do well!

10 months ago


Fantastic online tutor. A really fun and challenging course with great textbooks to support weekly w...

10 months ago


I really loved this subject! The lecturer is amazing and passionate about the subject. Listen to wha...

10 months ago

BEHL 1003

Major assignment does not relate well to the course content. Not much online support for the pracric...

10 months ago


Mostly same as anatomy 100 but more practical.

10 months ago


I must admit, this wasn't my favourite subject, but that doesn't mean it wasn't interesting!

10 months ago


This was my first dive into the world of Economics, so I was beyond afraid! The teaching staff were...

10 months ago


The content may be a little heavy, but the staff are a great support system that makes everything ma...

10 months ago


The lecturers are beyond helpful! They make the daunting leap into the unknown much less scary

10 months ago

BIOL 1047

I loved this course, but was also quite challenging

10 months ago

NURS 1060

It was quite full on

10 months ago


Fun class with expectation that could be easily met.

10 months ago


Well prepared and fun class to participate in. Expectation were stayed at the start of the semesyer.

10 months ago

BIOL 2058

Stop referring to last year. Starting as a second year student it was difficult to try and follow so...

10 months ago


My favorite subject of my program so far. Really loved the detail that the course covered and the tu...

10 months ago


Great to broaden your understanding of working in multidisciplinary teams

10 months ago


Extension of Psych 1A/1B

10 months ago

BEHL 2009

Makes sure you get in a good group

10 months ago

BEHL 3004

Great course

10 months ago


A positive experience

10 months ago