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great unit coordinator

4 days ago

INFS 5076

Usegul and informative

1 week ago

Lang 1034

After 3 years of no Japanese, this was a good place to start. Not too hard but not too easy.

2 weeks ago


Really enjoyed this course.

3 weeks ago


Great lecturer and timely topics to help you with your honours project.

3 weeks ago

WELF 1020

interesting to learn about

1 month ago


interesting work and good starting point

1 month ago

CHEM 1006


1 month ago

BUSS 2043


1 month ago


I loved this class so much! Lots of interactive bits in the workshops and placement was so much fun!

1 month ago


A lot of information for a beginner in a short time. DO not miss the virtual tutorials. DO all the e...

4 months ago


Very interesting topics covered. Assessments were easy to deal with and kept you up to date with rea...

5 months ago


Useful book, got me an HD

6 months ago


the course is interesting and the Tutor at UniSA (Bec) is brilliant - very knowledgeable and upbeat....

9 months ago


A very challenging course in a lot of ways... if you have an open mind you can do well!

1 year ago


Fantastic online tutor. A really fun and challenging course with great textbooks to support weekly w...

1 year ago


I really loved this subject! The lecturer is amazing and passionate about the subject. Listen to wha...

1 year ago

BEHL 1003

Major assignment does not relate well to the course content. Not much online support for the pracric...

1 year ago


Mostly same as anatomy 100 but more practical.

1 year ago


I must admit, this wasn't my favourite subject, but that doesn't mean it wasn't interesting!

1 year ago


This was my first dive into the world of Economics, so I was beyond afraid! The teaching staff were...

1 year ago


The content may be a little heavy, but the staff are a great support system that makes everything ma...

1 year ago


The lecturers are beyond helpful! They make the daunting leap into the unknown much less scary

1 year ago

BIOL 1047

I loved this course, but was also quite challenging

1 year ago

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