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Keep a diary of your participation in "whiteness" and have it marked by the local Aboriginal Centre....

1 month ago


James is an excellent tutor! Definately has my 5 stars

10 months ago


Very good lecturer Simplifies difficult concepts and slides are pretty good summary of the cases so...

1 year ago


I thought I would really enjoy this unit but I really didn't. It wasn't what I was expecting and it...

1 year ago


I really recommend doing ECON101 before this as it made a lot more sense to me. I really liked this...

1 year ago


One of the worst units I've taken at UNE. Or anywhere else. And this was before the latest overhaul,...

1 year ago


A good introduction to the fundamental concepts of science. A very useful foundation for any furthe...

2 years ago


The lecturer was not supportive and provided limited feedback on assignments to better learning. Har...

2 years ago


Learn about the different criminological theories

2 years ago


A surprising amount of reading required for this unit. It is an intro unit so they try to cover off...

2 years ago


A core subject for business degree. I wouldn't have chosen to do it but I think it's really helpful...

2 years ago


A really good introduction unit to finance. The lecturer was to the point which was helpful. There w...

2 years ago


An intense unit recommend to do on it's own if you are working full time. The workload is double wha...

2 years ago


A great, painful subject. I learned a lot and hated every minute of it. Tutorials align with assignm...

2 years ago


This subject is about following procedures, they don't really focus on why. Find a nice short statis...

2 years ago


I have done some programming in other languages so this subject was a breeze, but good revision of i...

2 years ago


Fantastic and interesting (elective) subject, I'll never be the same. Study what's written down, the...

2 years ago


Not as technically difficult as some subjects, just a sprint from start to finish. I've programmed a...

2 years ago


Fantastic class, a lot of indepth information.

2 years ago


This was an excellent foundational maths unit. Well organised and Thomas the coordinator put a lot...

2 years ago


A really fun and fascinating introduction to ancient Rome, great for any ancient history majors as w...

2 years ago


I had to do this as a core unit and it was a really great intro into writing for university. Would r...

2 years ago


Cindy was great as lecturer and gave great examples for each topic. Made it easy to follow some toug...

2 years ago


Excellent lecturer, very encouraging re: speaking and writing in Chinese. Thoroughly enjoyed the cou...

2 years ago

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