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This unit is very difficult. Or so the teaching staff will have you believe. Based on the readings a...

1 month ago


This unit has a looooot of content. The weekly reading is often 4 chapters of the textbook, of which...

1 month ago


This unit can be quite boring and dry, and the content is often not directly related to accounting....

1 month ago


The content for this unit is quite interesting and practical for any business degree. However, stude...

1 month ago


Good intro subject to ARPA.. Lured me right into Archaeology!

1 month ago


An interesting subject that covers lots of different areas of psychology. The essay was a very manag...

4 months ago


The unit is taught with a practical sense to it, so you know what is happening in the conveyancing w...

5 months ago


This unit is extremely difficult - perhaps the most difficult unit I have ever done. The support gi...

5 months ago


My feelings on this unit are mixed. First off, the textbook is kind of unecessary, and if you follow...

5 months ago


This unit was very interesting, and Dr. Bayerlein is always great at explaining complex concepts. Th...

5 months ago


This unit was quite interesting, with fair assignments and a very fair final exam. Dr. Burgess is a...

5 months ago


Super helpful for writing essays and increasing your marks for grammar etc.

5 months ago


Great subject

6 months ago


It's definitely macroeconomics, but the recorded lectures were good and the recorded tutorial sessio...

6 months ago


For a trimester 3 unit this was fairly high engagement, but it re-used recorded slides from a differ...

6 months ago


Was a surprisingly difficult course compared to other UNE units, expecting more detail in responses...

6 months ago


Seemed to share a lot of common content with other finance subjects, in varying levels of depth. The...

6 months ago


Significant gaps in teaching material, on campus students could likely bridge this with face to face...

8 months ago


its stats. . . Rcomander sucks. . . however the tutorials do explain very clearly how to use it...

10 months ago


this unit was very easy and was clearly made for those who have never studied at uni before. the fin...

10 months ago


Extra ARPA field-school gave the chance to increase hands-on learning. Great staff and site work, as...

1 year ago


Good amount of hands-on work with loads of theory, cold and clinical (academic) assessments

1 year ago


Thought provoking subject, cold and clinical (academic) assessments

1 year ago


A really interesting unit for first time students studying law. All concepts are interesting to lear...

1 year ago

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