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Cover of Australian Uniform Evidence Law
Australian Uniform Evidence Law 978-1-108-45001-0

Authors: Fiona Hum, Bronwen Jackman, Ottavio Quirico, Gregor Urbas, Kip Werren

10 minutes ago
$55 Save 62%
Cover of Motor Control
Motor Control 978-1-4963-0263-2

Authors: Shumway-Cook

1 hour ago
$100 Save 33%
Cover of Blackshield and Williams Australian Constitutional Law and Theory
Blackshield and Williams Australian Constitutional Law and Theory 978-1-86287-918-8

Authors: Anthony Roland Blackshield, George Williams, Sean Brennan, Andrew Lynch

4 hours ago
$60 Save 83%


4 hours ago
$50 Save 68%
Cover of Australian Property Law
Australian Property Law 978-0-409-34565-0

Authors: Samantha Hepburn

4 hours ago
$50 Save 71%
Cover of Crime and Justice
Crime and Justice 978-0-455-23864-7

Authors: Derek Dalton, Willem De Lint, Darren Palmer

4 hours ago
$50 Save 64%
Cover of Property Law in New South Wales
Property Law in New South Wales 978-0-409-34310-6

Authors: Janice Gray, Heather J. Roberts, Neil Foster, Shaunnagh Dorsett

4 hours ago
$50 Save 67%
Cover of Reflective Social Work Practice
Reflective Social Work Practice 978-1-137-30198-7

Authors: Richard Ingram, Jane Fenton, Ann Hodson, Divya Jindal-Snape

6 hours ago
$30 Save 47%
Cover of Australia's Welfare Wars
Australia's Welfare Wars 978-1-74223-478-6

Authors: Philip Mendes

6 hours ago
$40 Save 27%
Cover of Making the Most of Field Placement
Making the Most of Field Placement 978-0-17-041700-6


6 hours ago
$50 Save 31%
Cover of Working with People
Working with People 978-0-19-552228-0

Authors: Louise Harms

7 hours ago
$60 Save 23%
Cover of Succession: Families, Property and Death, 5th edition
$120 Save 19%
Cover of Administration Law Guidebook
Administration Law Guidebook 978-0-19-559396-9

Authors: Francisco Esparraga, Ian Ellis-Jones

21 hours ago
$5 Save 88%
Cover of Douglas and Jones's Administrative Law
Douglas and Jones's Administrative Law 978-1-76002-173-3

Authors: Roger Douglas, Michael Head, Yee-Fui Ng, Margaret Hyland

21 hours ago
$70 Save 55%
Cover of Sociology
Sociology 978-1-5095-3922-2

Authors: Anthony Giddens, Philip W. Sutton

1 day ago
$35 Save 44%
Cover of For the Love of Language
For the Love of Language 978-1-108-70101-3

Authors: Kate Burridge, Tonya N. Stebbins

1 day ago
$40 Save 65%
Cover of Helping Children Learn Mathematics (Au) 1E
$30 Save 73%
Cover of Scaffolding Literacy
Scaffolding Literacy 978-0-86431-836-7

Authors: Axford, Beverley

1 day ago
$20 Save 50%
Cover of Cultural Diversity : A Primer for the Human Services
$50 Save 57%
Cover of Making Sense of Mass Education
Making Sense of Mass Education 978-1-107-43236-9

Authors: Gordon Tait

1 day ago
$50 Save 61%
Cover of Understanding Education Policy
Understanding Education Policy 978-94-007-6264-0

Authors: Tiffany Jones

1 day ago
$50 Save 54%
Cover of Developing Early Literacy
Developing Early Literacy 978-1-74148-982-8

Authors: Susan Elizabeth Hill

1 day ago
$20 Save 73%
Cover of Teaching Language in Context
Teaching Language in Context 978-0-19-557533-0

Authors: Derewianka, Beverly

1 day ago
$20 Save 73%
Cover of Chronic Care Nursing
Chronic Care Nursing 978-1-108-70102-0

Authors: Linda Deravin, Judith Anderson

1 day ago
$25 Save 71%

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