Communication for Business and the Professions

Judith Dwyer

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Communication for Business and the Professions

Judith Dwyer

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Organisational Behaviour

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Organisational Behavior The Essentials

Robbins, Judge, Millett, Jones

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MM105: Personal Skills for the Workplace Notes

Written by Charles

These notes are a comprehensive summary of MM105 compiled from workshops, lecture notes, and textboo...

39 pages, 14031 words


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I thoroughly enjoyed this subject, great introduction the concepts of organisational behaviour and emotional illegence.

Anonymous, Trimester 3, 2017

The course is changing significantly next time it runs and it felt a bit haphazard this time around with several weeks of content that wasn't going to be examined. Guidance for the exam was great and the connect sessions were really useful. Some really interesting content at times too.

Anonymous, Trimester 2, 2017

A unit that can be considered quite 'arty farty'. The lecturer does not appear to be engaged with students. This unit, while not difficult, should not be a core unit. The lack of lecturers makes this a relatively self-taught unit.

Anonymous, Trimester 2, 2017

Really interesting unit - very easy to relate concepts to personal work history! Highly relevant and enjoyable. I wasn't expecting to enjoy the unit so much!

Anonymous, Trimester 3, 2015

Kay is a fantastic teacher, very easy to approach with any problems and she will happily accommodate your needs. The unit material was very interesting to study

Anonymous, Trimester 2, 2015