Australian Constitutional Law and Theory

Anthony Blackshield, George Williams

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Federal Constitutional Law

Sarah Joseph, Melissa Castan

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Constitutional Law Notes

These extensive summaries consist of all the topics covered in LAW220 as well as the significant cas...

112 pages, 49226 words


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Very good lecturer Simplifies difficult concepts and slides are pretty good summary of the cases so these help reduce the reading Very enthusiastic about using current news examples to explain constitutional points and make it interesting and relevant Quizzes encourage you to study early so you can build up marks. Finished the trimester early to fit un revision classes on past exams was great preparation Awesome huge feedback after we got our results and exam doable in the time Always answers discussion board and e mail regularly Thursday evening Zoom Greg was very thorough and explained things well No stress if you do the work Lots of politics and history thrown in around the cases as a bonus if you like that stuff

Anonymous, Trimester 1, 2022

Worst unit to study at UNE. DO UNIT WHEN GREG CARNE LEAVES! Very unhelpful and impolite. Doesn't bother to answer questions or solve any problem qs .. There's a lot of material and quite a lot of very heavy reading involved. The quiz is irrelevant - content was quite complex and heavy to study . Hes useless doesn't give crap lack of support and fails to provide guidance - Its like throwing you in the deep end of the ocean.

Anonymous, Trimester 1, 2018

Far too in-depth for an 11 week course. The level of detail expected to be remembered for assessments is unrealistic and prohibitive when studying other subjects in the trimester. Why a dissenting judgement and the point on which there was dissent in a case (that has since been superseded by other cases) seems redundant, irrelevant and over the top. An average passmark of 10.44 out of 20 amongst some 300 students for online quizzes would seem to suggest the majority of students barely get it.. which begs the question as to whether the problem lies with the students or the material.

Anonymous, Trimester 1, 2018

Very heavy reading, taught at a very in depth level which made it more complex and demanding than it needed to be. Exam weighting of 60% rather than 70% helped me do better than I thought I would at the outset. I was very glad when it was over as it is such a demanding subject it will take over the other subjects! T1 2016

Anonymous, Trimester 1, 2016

I also completed this subject in tri1 2015. It was awful.

Anonymous, Trimester 1, 2015

Way too much content to get through. The depth of knowledge expected by the lecturer was incredible. And a seven page exam when in previous years it was only two? Seems that this new lecturer wants to make a name for himself.

Anonymous, Trimester 1, 2015