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Cover of Intellectual Property in Australia
Intellectual Property in Australia 978-0-409-33420-3

Authors: Andrew John Stewart, Phillip B. C. Griffith, Judith Bannister, Adam Liberman

2 hours ago
$40 Save 74%
Cover of Financial Reporting
Financial Reporting 978-0-7303-1111-9

Authors: Janice Loftus, Noel Boys, Ken J. Leo, Sorin Daniliuc, Belinda Luke, Karyn Byrnes, Hong Ang

2 hours ago
$40 Save 76%
Cover of Financial Reporting 2E Print on Demand (Black and White)
$40 Save 67%
Cover of Accounting: An Introduction to Principles and Practice 9ed
Accounting: An Introduction to Principles and Practice 9ed 978-0-17-040383-2

Authors: Edward A. Clarke, Michael Wilson

4 hours ago
$80 Save 38%
Cover of Cases and Materials on International Law
Cases and Materials on International Law 978-0-414-03303-0

Authors: Paula Giliker

4 hours ago
$80 Save 15%
Cover of Essentials of Sonography and Patient Care, 3e
$40 Save 43%
Cover of The Physics and Technology of Diagnostic Ultrasound
$75 Save 40%
Cover of Conceptual Physics, Global Edition
Conceptual Physics, Global Edition 978-1-292-05713-2

Authors: Leslie A. Hewitt, Paul G. Hewitt

5 hours ago
$85 Save 39%
Cover of Sectional Anatomy for Imaging Professionals, 3e
$70 Save 38%
Cover of Human Anatomy
Human Anatomy 978-1-292-02646-6

Authors: Elaine N. Marieb, Patricia Brady Wilhelm, Jon B. Mallatt

5 hours ago
$50 Save 75%
Cover of Practical Ultrasound
Practical Ultrasound 978-1-4441-6829-7

Authors: Jane Alty, Edward Hoey

5 hours ago
$40 Save 68%
Cover of CP0923 Human Physiology
CP0923 Human Physiology 978-0-17-026640-6

Authors: Lauralee Sherwood

5 hours ago
$70 Save 59%
Aaron Mattes' Active Isolated Stretching 978-0-9656396-4-4

Authors: Aaron L. Mattes

5 hours ago
Cover of A Guide to Better Movement
A Guide to Better Movement 978-0-9915423-0-7

Authors: Todd Hargrove

5 hours ago
Cover of Olympic Weightlifting
Olympic Weightlifting 978-0-9800111-1-1

Authors: Greg Everett

5 hours ago
Cover of Becoming a Supple Leopard
Becoming a Supple Leopard 978-1-936608-58-4

Authors: Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza

5 hours ago
$65 Save 41%
Cover of Human anatomy
Human anatomy 978-0-8053-7373-8

Authors: Elaine Nicpon Marieb, Jon Mallatt, Patricia Brady Wilhelm

5 hours ago
$20 Save 70%
Cover of Exercise Physiology: Theory and Application to Fitness and Performance
$100 Save 41%
Cover of Understanding Nutrition
Understanding Nutrition 978-0-495-11686-8

Authors: Eleanor Noss Whitney, Ellie Whitney, Sharon Rady Rolfes

6 hours ago
$55 Save 50%
Cover of Wardlaw's Perspectives in Nutrition
Wardlaw's Perspectives in Nutrition 978-0-07-352272-2

Authors: Byrd-Bredbenner, Carol

6 hours ago
$100 Save 40%
Cover of The Complete Human Body
The Complete Human Body 978-1-4053-4749-5

Authors: Alice M. Roberts, Dr Dr Alice Roberts

6 hours ago
$35 Save 42%
Cover of Anatomy and Physiology
Anatomy and Physiology 978-0-470-59891-7

Authors: Gail Jenkins, Gerard J. Tortora

6 hours ago
$300 Save 51%
Cover of Equity and Trust Guidebook
Equity and Trust Guidebook 978-0-19-559402-7

Authors: Christopher Brien

7 hours ago
$20 Save 52%

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