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Cover of Complete NSW house building specifications
Complete NSW house building specifications ISBN: 9781875217076

Authors: Allan Staines

4 days ago
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Going Public. Public Architecture, Urbanism and Interventions ISBN: 9783899554403

Authors: Robert Klanten, Sven Ehmann, Sofia Borges, Matthias Hübner and Lucas Feireiss

2 weeks ago
$35 Save 70%
Cover of Building Construction Handbook Eleventh Edition
Building Construction Handbook Eleventh Edition ISBN: 9781138907096

Authors: R. Chudley, Roger Greeno

1 month ago
$35 Save 53%
Cover of Building Construction Illustrated
Building Construction Illustrated ISBN: 9781118458341

Authors: Francis D. K. Ching

1 month ago
$35 Save 56%
Cover of The Income Approach to Property Valuation
The Income Approach to Property Valuation ISBN: 9780080966908

Authors: Andrew E. Baum, David Mackmin, Nick Nunnington

1 month ago
Cover of Understanding Structures
Understanding Structures ISBN: 9780230212633

Authors: Derek Seward

4 months ago
$20 Save 80%
Cover of Architectural Graphics
Architectural Graphics ISBN: 9781119035664

Authors: Francis D. K. Ching

4 months ago
$55 Save 40%
Cover of Engineering Drawing
Engineering Drawing ISBN: 9780071015837

Authors: Albert William Boundy

6 months ago
$80 Save 29%
Cover of Prototyping and Modelmaking for Product Design
Prototyping and Modelmaking for Product Design ISBN: 9781786275110

Authors: Bjarki Hallgrimsson

6 months ago
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Mitchell's Structure and Fabric - Part 2

Authors: Foster, J.S., Harrington, R. & Greeno, R.

8 months ago
$60 Save 50%
Cover of Understanding Construction Law
Understanding Construction Law ISBN: 9780409341645

Authors: Tom Et Al Davie, T. Earls, P. Evans, K. Lovegrove

8 months ago
$105 Save 13%
Cover of World Architecture
World Architecture ISBN: 9780195139570

Authors: Spiro Kostof, Richard Ingersoll

8 months ago
$70 Save 42%
Cover of Through the Colour Lens
Through the Colour Lens ISBN: 9781329707238

Authors: Marisha McAuliffe

1 year ago
$24.95 Save 86%
Cover of Building Your Own Home
Building Your Own Home ISBN: 9781742572161

Authors: Wilkie George

1 year ago
$29.95 Save 33%
Cover of Architectural Lighting
Architectural Lighting ISBN: 9781568989389

Authors: Hervé Descottes, Cecilia Ramos

1 year ago
Cover of Reshaping Environments
Reshaping Environments ISBN: 9781107688667

Authors: Bender, Helena

1 year ago
$20 Save 78%
Cover of Construction Contract Administration
Construction Contract Administration ISBN: 9780868405179

Authors: Goldfayl, Greg

1 year ago
$40 Save 47%
Cover of Sustainable Urban Development Reader
Sustainable Urban Development Reader ISBN: 9780415707763

Authors: Stephen M. Wheeler, Timothy Beatley

1 year ago
$55 Save 51%
Cover of Modern Architecture Since 1900
Modern Architecture Since 1900 ISBN: 9780714833569

Authors: Curtis William J R

1 year ago
$50 Save 9%
Cover of A History of Western Architecture
A History of Western Architecture ISBN: 9781780675978

Authors: David Watkin

1 year ago
$45 Save 18%
Cover of Social Research Methods
Social Research Methods ISBN: 9780199689453

Authors: Alan Bryman

1 year ago
$50 Save 37%
Cover of Economics for Today
Economics for Today ISBN: 9780170410830

Authors: Allan Layton, Tim Robinson, Irvin Tucker

1 year ago
$80 Save 46%
Cover of Project Management in Construction
Project Management in Construction ISBN: 9780071464178

Authors: Sidney Levy

1 year ago
$85 Save 41%

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