These notes contain a hypothetical structure for answering on the exam and the relevant case facts and summaries of outcomes are presented under each section where it is directly relevant rather than at the end of the document. These notes also include article summaries of the articles from each week on the reading guide in my year which was used for the policy essay section of the exam. I took crim the first year they changed the course and decided to do a three hour online exam. They also contain the new information on drugs offences and sentencing which was introduced in 2022. In my year as well sexual offences were not on the exam so they are not included here. However, I also just wanna let you know that the sexual offences changed in 2022 so even if you do find notes from the 2022 yr or before with sexual offences in them its outdated for you. Without the article summaries the document is 115 pages long.


Semester 2, 2022

222 pages

84,364 words


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