Of all the notes I made in law school, I'm so proud of these. They have helped myself and friends of mine to achieve H1's on their corps exam. Just as a note, I still included the topic which was the midterm in my year in these notes. So they include everything, every topic at least which was on the syllabus when I took corps. These notes include hypothetical outlines, a bit of information/explanations sometimes, all the nonreplaceable rules are in red throughout the notes while the replaceable ones are noted by the statute section being in blue instead, there are also case notes for the majority of cases at the end, in some sections I have the main cases for that section listed below or next to the section title, there are also some flow through charts and tables to help direct you through some areas of the law. Additionally, as a note, when I took corps you were able to choose to do all three hypos or two and an essay. I personally did all three hypos and no essay and still had even about 30 minutes left in my exam when I was done. Also, when I took corps there were still covid things in place so we took it online where I used control F throughout my notes. I've added a table of contents before putting them up here but it might not actually have everything fully in it, just something to be conscious of that you might need to redo the table of contents. Oh also I had Rosemary as my prof if that helps with anything.


Semester 2, 2022

120 pages

44,276 words



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