My professors were Miranda and Monica if that's useful info for you. These notes include everything from assessable income, CGT, residency and international taxation (which was examinable for us), income splitting rules, deductions, taxation of entities, capital expenditures and allowances, and tax planning information. There was no separate mid semester exam in my year like some prior ones so these notes include the entire course. I have the most relevant case law information and facts put in the section where it is directly applicable to what you're looking at on the exam, instead of having to flip back and forth all the time between cases and hypo notes info. I ended up having to take the supplementary exam and so I got extra time asking the professor questions and answering prior exams, which they extra bits of info and tips made their way into these notes Just to note, I recommend that if you use these notes without adjusting anything that you write the case names next to the section in which they fall under for the exam on the table of contents. I found that really helpful when I was in the exam for quick guidance and was something I did once I printed off my notes and was doing practice problems. Which I did have one friend use these notes without any adjustments who did the July intensive and the exam went well for her.


Semester 1, 2023

90 pages

34,603 words



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