I took property from Tatiana the first year they changed the curriculum to include more native title content and got rid of the stuff like personal property that is in all the notes prior to 2022. I got an H1 on the midterm and the exam in property. The hypo section of my notes is only about 36 pages long. the information is concise and contains the legal tests often in simple 1, 2, 3, step fashion but also still contains some examples of terminology as I know you can get to the end of the semester still sitting there like what in the world is the difference between a lien and charge. The notes contain multiple flow charts and diagrams. In the native title section I have charts as well with the statutory section number on the left and the case law commentary which dictates how that section is to be applied on the right so you have everything in one spot since the case law commentary on the statute is really important for that section. I also have the most notable cases that matter for the hypothetical listed in my cases section after the hypo notes. I then have an additional section of casenotes and article summaries on two of the native title readings since I predicted that was going to be an essay question my year. I copied and pasted those more messy notes into the notes. I apologise they arent as well planned out as the rest, it was a last minute copy paste before putting notes up here. I just wanted to include everything I had even the stuff that wasnt picture perfect ready. Just as a note, when I took property there were still covid testing systems in place so it wasnt in person but online where I used control f for everything. I did a random generated table of contents for your convenience, but it definitely could be improved upon if you want to bother with it. Just convert the pdf back into a word document and use the style headings thingy for what you want to appear in a table of contents and then go to references section and generate a table of contents in there.


Semester 1, 2022

77 pages

30,432 words



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