I had Jason Varuhas as my prof if that helps with anything. These notes contain structured hypo information, some explanations, are structured in the style of questions for each specific step you need on the exam. They also contain short blurbs on relevant cases directly underneath where they're most needed during the exam. Additionally, there are larger case summaries at the end of the hypo section which also have their own mini table of contents. Just the hypo notes with short case summaries without the large case summaries are 73 pages long. Additionally, while some notes do not redo information but say see section blah for the remedies course as there is often times where you need to go back to another section for information in another, instead i've copied and pasted the information so theres less flipping around in your notes for the info you need. There are also charts and such to help with flow of information throughout the exam.


Semester 1, 2023

137 pages

52,932 words



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