These are some of my messiest notes as its before I knew how to make nice pretty notes in word. So despite how incredibly thorough they are and how long it took me to make them I've listed them for the cheapest price student VIP will let us. Also as a note I had Arlen as my professor. As I took the optional midterm my case notes start at week 5 but I still have information on formation and what not from the midterm in the hypothetical notes. I received an H1 on my final exam. These notes include hypothetical notes, general informational bits and explanation of concepts, case notes which include opinions of different judges not just the outcome of a case, and also includes overheads/approaches for each section to continue to reference while answering your hypothetical to ensure you've answered each possible question or problem that can arise.


Semester 2, 2021

121 pages

48,014 words


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