Business Analysis and Valuation

Sue Joy Wright, Philip Lee, Michael Bradbury, Krishna G. Palepu, Paul M. Healy

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2019 SM1 FAT Comprehensive Note (90+ marks)

Written by Freya

This note is the most recent up-to-date comprehensive note for ACCT30001 FAT based on 2019 SM1 mater...

60 pages, 29818 words

H1 (93) FAT Complete Revision Notes

Written by Linh

Comprehensive summary of lecture theories, examples, tutorial takeaways and required readings (based...

89 pages, 37842 words

H1 Condensed and Colour-coded FAT notes

Written by Karena

Topics: 1: Objective of Financial Reporting 2: Recognition 3: Measurement 4: Income 5: Ratio A...

46 pages, 15628 words

FAT (up to date after curriculum reform) Comprehensive H1 Notes Preparation for Final

Written by Feier

Note: The first half of the subject this semester was the second half of the subject last semester....

50 pages, 19484 words

H1 FAT notes (incl sample exam ques & recap)

Written by Kevin

This note includes all topics taught as listed in the preview. It is done by extracting important an...

69 pages, 18665 words

H1 Comprehensive FAT Summary (Q&A Format)

Written by Nicholas

Completed FAT notes in a QUESTIONS & ANSWERS format. I used only this note to study for the exam :D

37 pages, 10081 words

Financial Accounting Theory - H1 Notes!

Written by Anabelle

The notes include the following topics. 1) Objectives of financial reports 2) Recognition 3) Meas...

34 pages, 10319 words

85 The Ultimate Financial Accounting Theory (FAT) subject summary

Written by John

Covers all topics from weeks 1-12 including: - Objectives of financial reporting and information as...

56 pages, 17000 words

H1 ACCT30001 Financial Accounting Theory Notes

Written by Katrina

Comprehensive notes covering all lecture topics and key points from readings. Keywords and headings...

100 pages, 25069 words

Financial Accounting Theory Notes

Written by Katie

List of topics covered - Objective of Financial Reports - Recognition - Measurement Methods -...

49 pages, 13866 words


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Take note of the little things in the lecture slides as they will be tested on the exams

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Read the text book.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014